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Teeming with life, the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM Research Reserve) is a dynamic, ever changing place with many interconnected habitats from the ocean to the forests. The landscape protects and provides for a great diversity of plants and animals. People have historically changed and preserved this ecosystem. People are an important part of the future of this landscape. This is your reserve! Enjoy, share, and protect it. Visit us today!


The GTM Research Reserve has experienced some damage due to Hurricane Matthew, but our Environmental Education Center is currently open for visitors. Please note the following:

  • The Environmental Education Center is currently without telephone service. If you need to contact the Center, please email us at info@gtmnerr.org.
  • The North Beach Access boardwalk is OPEN, but the Middle Beach and South Beach access boardwalks are CLOSED.
  • The trails are open but some have flooding. Look at the signs at the trail head for specific details about flooded areas.
  • The dam is open.

Thank you for your patience while we recover from the storm. If you’d like to volunteer for the clean up or would like to pledge your support, email the Friends of the GTM Reserve Executive Director, Ellen Leroy-Reed, at ellen.leroy-reed@gtmnerr.org.

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Hurricane Matthew’s impact on the GTM Research Reserve is still being fully assessed but we know we will need to rebuild several of our boardwalks, trails, and structures. The GTM staff is working hard to return the Reserve to normal as soon as possible but Hurricane Matthew may have changed the face of “normal” forever. Our shorelines are changed, our beaches and dunes are changed. Our ecocsystems are changed. What else has changed? What can we learn from Hurricane Matthew?

The GTM Research Reserve exists to conserve natural biodiversity and cultural resources through research and monitoring that guides science-based stewardship and education. It is our responsibility to learn all we can from this devastating storm. We have an opportunity, but the window of opportunity is limited. Our researchers and visiting investigators are eager to start compiling data that will guide future decisions about our shorelines, dunes, and coastal areas.  Before they can get out there, we need to rebuild and to do that we need your help.

Click HERE to pledge your support. To learn more about how your contribution will benefit the GTM Research Reserve, email ellen.leroy-reed@gtmnerr.org.

Thank you.

Paddle the GTM Research Reserve!

Kayaking during Sunset

The coastal estuary offers incredible views of lush vegetation, nesting bald eagles, and possible encounters with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin and the West Indian manatee. Most of all, this area provides a glimpse into what real Florida has to offer; shear beauty nestled between civilization to the north and south.

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