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Our Winter Newsletter Has Arrived!

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy our Newsletter! The Winter edition of our quarterly newsletter is here. "The Estuary Examiner" is filled with articles and information about GTM Research Reserve's education, research and stewardship programs and events. Make sure to read it for updates about current research and upcoming events. Click here to check out [...]

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NERRds on the Water Research Blog

Did you know our research scientists here at GTM Research Reserve have their own blog? The NERRds, as they affectionately call themselves, want to share information about their research and why it is important. Their blog is informative, accessible, and above all, fun! Check out this recent article on oysters and you'll be hooked! For [...]

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Spots are available to join our monthly guided exploration hike at GTM Research Reserve! The weather is set to be gorgeous, so why not go on an educational hike with one of our guides this Saturday from 8:30 - 10:30 am? Guests will learn about the cultural history of the Guana Peninsula as well as the [...]

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“Pangolins: The Armored Ambassadors” Lecture at GTM Marineland!

"Pangolins: The Armored Ambassadors" was the theme at yesterday's GTM Research Reserve lecture, in collaboration with Marineland Dolphin Adventure. GTM Education Coordinator Kenneth Rainer spoke about this unique small arboreal, nocturnal mammal. Rainer introduced "Scar," a white-bellied pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis), to the audience. To view the lecture, click here. There are eight species of pangolins distributed between Asia [...]

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National Geographic Films Sea Turtle Emergence at GTM!

A National Geographic WILD film crew visited our beaches last week to capture a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) nest emergence on camera. After five days of braving thunderstorms and pulling all-nighters, the crew was finally successful on their last night. Early Sunday morning, they recorded a partial nest emergence of 12-16 hatchlings. "Just goes to show that persistence [...]

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First Coast News Reporter to Emcee OceanWise!

We are honored that First Coast News Reporter Jessica Clark will serve as emcee for the Friends of the GTM Reserve's seventh annual gala event, OceanWise: An Evening for the Estuaries! Last year, Jessica visited the Reserve with "Lewis and Clark" co-host, Lewis Turner, to film a segment on the GTM trails during National Estuaries Week. Take [...]

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Sea Turtles: OceanWise Keynote!

Sea turtles will be the focus at OceanWise. Catherine (Cat) Eastman, sea turtle program coordinator at The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Sea Turtle Hospital will be this year's keynote speaker. She has been working with sea turtles in Florida since 1998. Growing up on the Atlantic Coast, Cat has always had a love for the [...]

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OceanWise and Stewardship!

OceanWise helps support stewardship of the GTM Research Reserve's landscape. Shoreline erosion along the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway has been identified as an ongoing issue within the Reserve. Storm surges and increased waves due to boat wakes threaten the stability of the shorelines and the edges of the marsh. In response to these threats, [...]

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September is Microplastic Awareness Month!

Overall Microplastic (GTM Research Reserve) Create bar charts The GTM Research Reserve joined the Florida Microplastics Awareness Project in 2015! Since joining, our researchers and volunteers have collected monthly water samples from 14 locations, filtered the samples, and collected data on the different types and amounts of microplastics within our waters. Our researchers and volunteers [...]

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Weird Animal Wednesday

GTM researchers found this rare burrowing mussel on an oyster reef. It's commonly known as mahogany date mussel, Lithophaga bisulcata. The fossil record dating back to the Paleozoic indicates that mussels in the genus Lithophaga have long been associated with reef building corals (Scott 1988b). The mahogany date mussel attaches to the substrate and its congeners with bissal [...]

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